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Lift and Slide Sliding Doors

The Lift and Slide sliding doors offer better water, thermal and acoustic performance than traditional sliding doors. The door handle can be turned upside down to allow the door to drop and stay at a particular position. This action also allows the door to seal better at the bottom. In the meantime, the rollers underneath were relieved of the door weight therefore increase the life span of those rollers. The high performance system can be used for very large, supersize sliding doors designed by architects.


General Specifications:


Nordic Door System Series:


1. Door weight up to 400 kg (special design)
2. Wide range of designs based on single, double and triple-track outer frames
3. Three coats of fluorocarbon surface treatment for weathering.
4. Technoform Bautec thermal break;
5. EPDM gasket and no caulking required;
6. Aluminium extrusion 6060-T5, 2.0mm wall thickness;
7. Equal temperature surface design: Glass, sash and outer frame on the same surface;
8. Three chamber design for sash and outer frame; Water chamber and air chamber separated;
9. All sash and outer frame corners are mitre joined and crimped;
10. Sash sealed with Weiss sealant of Germany to prevent water leakage;

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficient Rating:
U value: Can vary depending on glass
SHGC: Can vary depending on glass

Additional Information

Glass options:
Double glazed, Triple Glazed
Clear, Obscure, Safety, Toughened, Laminated, Low E, Low Iron Ultra Clear
Accoustic, Energy Efficient, Solar Control, Ultra Clear
6/12A/6, 10.76/12A/6, 6/9A/5/9A/6


Door Frame Colour Options:
Standard Colourbond Range, Special colour order available.
Woodland Grey, Monument, Black, White, Metallic Grey


Door Hardware Colour Options:
Chrome, Black


Door Hardware Brand:
Nordic Door System:
G-U (10 year warranty)
Aluk Door System:
Aluk (10 year warranty)


Bushfire Rating:
Up to BAL 40