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Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows are versatile window systems equipped with a unique mechanism that allows them to open in two ways: tilting inwards for secure and controlled ventilation or swinging open like a regular casement window for maximum air circulation and ease of cleaning.

Using single handle, a tilt and turn window provides the functionality of three different window types in one single window unit – fixed, in-swing casement, and hopper. (3 windows in 1)

Series Name: Nordic 75
U value: 2.24
SHGC: 0.48
Maximum glass thickness: 48mm
Maximum Height/Width: 3000 x 3600
Maximum Sash Height/Width: 2700 x 1400
Ezy Reveal finish: Yes
Flyscreen: Security Mesh/Fine Mesh

  1. Better thermal performance and air tightness: Due to its multi point locking system, it creates better air tightness and gives better thermal performance as it seals better than sliding, double hung, and single hung windows as they are more prone to air and water leakage.
  2. Noise reduction: They have superior sealing capabilities and the presence of an insulating barrier within the frame, which disrupts sound waves.
  3. Different ventilation options: The tilt function allows for top ventilation, easily enabling hot air to quickly escape through the top portion of the window. The turn function creates ample air flow and movement for maximum ventilation. The dual option enables the user to control their environment with precision.
  4. Flyscreen option: Can be fitted with a flyscreen;
  5. Fall Prevention: Tilt and turn window will comply with fall prevention regulation with a security flyscreen rated for a minimum 250N force. They can be fully opened with the flyscreen installed. Therefore, they provide a much better ventilation solution with restricted opening windows.
  6. Easy to clean and maintain: The exterior of the window can be cleaned from the inside of your house with the turn function. No additional maintenance is required.
  7. Increased security: It is equipped with a more robust internal hardware with multiple locking points. The in-swing hinges secure the window from being forced or pulled open from the exterior.
  8. Durability: The hardware is guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years.
  9. Large window sizes: You can enjoy expansive views with large window sizes and use smaller, adjustable openings for controlled ventilation, fostering well-designed architectural spaces. Fixed windows can be large as 3600 x 3000. Operable sashes can be as high as 2700.
  10. Aesthetics: We offer narrow frame slim line option. The hinges and handles can also be hidden as an upgrade option.
  11. Electric operated window: Tilt only electric operated window option available with flyscreen on the outside. The windows can be operated by a wall panel switch or a remote control unit.

Tilt and turn windows offer dual functionality: they can tilt inwards for secure, controlled ventilation or swing open like a door, whereas casement windows swing outward or inward on a hinge. This makes tilt and turn windows more versatile in terms of ventilation options and ease of cleaning, providing a modern, multifaceted solution compared to the traditional one-directional opening of casement windows.

Tilt and turn windows, with their dual-opening mechanism, allow for a larger opening and easier cleaning, offering both horizontal and vertical ventilation options. In contrast, awning windows, hinged at the top, open outward, creating a smaller opening that promotes upward ventilation and restricts easy access for cleaning, thus making tilt and turn windows a more flexible choice for varied ventilation and accessibility preferences.

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