Acoustic Noise Minimisation

Acoustic/Noise Minimisation Solution:

Our tilt and turn windows are well sealed for acoustic performance with multiple layers of gaskets. Coupled with laminated insulated glass units (10.76mm glass + 12mm Argon fill + 5mm glass), our windows have successfully minimized the noise for our customers; Other glass options are also available to further minimize the noise. Refer Resources page for acoustic performance of different glass.

Dual Colours: Outside/Inside Solution

Dual Colours: Outside/Inside Solution:

The introduction of thermal break into the window frame provides an opportunity to have dual colours for the window frames. Now the outside and inside can have two different colours based on customers’ requirements.

Energy Efficient Solution

Energy Efficient Solution:

Thermally broken windows and doors coupled with double glazed low e glass can achieve energy efficiency requirements for most applications. We have different window frames and different low e glass to choose from to suit your applications.

Passive House Solution

Passive House Solution:

Thermally broken windows and doors coupled with triple glazed clear or low e glass can have super low U values and make the passive house achievable.

Solar Heat Control/Western Sun Solution

Solar Heat Control/Western Sun Solution:

The western sun in summer could bring enormous amount of heat into the room. With our double glazed low e units, the solar heat can be blocked out while at the same time the light is allowed to go through.

Supersize Window and Door Solution

Supersize Window and Door Solution:

Our high performance window and door system is designed to allow supersize windows and doors. For example, our lift and slide sliding door sash can be 2100 wide and 3000 high each and operate very smoothly.

Timber Look Aluminium Solution

Timber Look Aluminium Solution:

The latest technology can apply a special coating to the surface of aluminium windows and doors to make them look like timber. The coating can be UV proof to ensure they will not fade under the Australian sun.

Ultimate View/High-Clarity Low Iron Glass Solution

Ultimate View/High-Clarity Low Iron Glass Solution:

Normal glass has iron in them and has a greenish tint. Low-iron glass is a type of high-clarity glass that is made from silica with very low amounts of iron. This low level of iron removes the greenish tint. When they are used for double glazed units in windows, ultra clear result is achieved to make the glass more invisible. Fallingwater, a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and built in 1939, was one of the first houses to use low-iron glass for its windows.

Upper Levels/Security and Ventilation Solution

Upper Levels/Security and Ventilation Solution:

Australian building code generally requires windows on upper levels can only have a maximum opening of 125mm to prevent children from falling through the windows. This greatly restricts the ventilation function of the windows. With our tilt and turn windows and removable security fly screens, the window can be fully opened to allow for much better ventilation. While at the same time, the security stainless steel mesh fly screens prevent children from falling through the windows. It is a perfect solution for windows on upper levels in terms of security and ventilation.

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