We Design

As a registered architect in Victoria, the founder of Nordic Windows and Doors has over 30 years of experience in the building industry. Being window and door professionals with many years of project experience, we could advise you the different options available for your windows, doors and glass. For example, super clear low iron, energy efficient low e, or triple glazing. We will also take manufacturing limit and installation into consideration. We listen to your requirements, provide options and feedback to work out your windows and doors solutions

We Supply

After rounds and rounds of changes, we start fabricating your windows and doors based on the sign off. We ensure your windows and doors are fabricated to a high standard with good practice, advanced fabrication equipment and skilled workers. All our windows and doors are fabricated by a licenced Aluk fabricator in China. Aluk is a leading European window system supplier. For example, all window frames and sashes are crimped not screwed at the corners for structural integrity.

We Install

We could become one stop solution to install your windows and doors as well. We discuss and confirm your finish and installation details. We install the frames with laser levels to ensure they are plumb and level. We have special glass truck to transport the glass. Our installation ensures your trouble free enjoyment of your windows and doors for many years to come.

Why Nordic Windows and Doors?

We offer better products, better prices, and better solutions;

Better Product: Thermally broken aluminium window and doors, such as tilt and turn windows, lift and slide sliding doors.

Better Price: Our products are fabricated in China by a licenced Aluk fabricator; Aluk is a leading European window system supplier.

Better Solutions: Our professional knowledge, experience and resources could work out better solutions for your individual needs.

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