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Why Nordic Windows and Doors?

We offer better products, better prices, and better solutions;

Better Product: Thermally broken aluminium window and doors, such as tilt and turn windows, lift and slide sliding doors;


We believe the European thermally broken tilt and turn windows, lift and slide sliding doors are better products than most windows and doors on the Australian market. We are trying to offer better technology, design, hardware, fabrication technique and glass specification than those on the market. We wholeheartedly recommend these products to our customers.


Better Price: Our products are fabricated in China by a licenced Aluk fabricator; Aluk is a leading European window system supplier.


All our windows and doors are fabricated by a licenced Aluk fabricator. Aluk is a leading European window system supplier with global operations, including Australia. Our fabrication quality is endorsed by the system, equipment and practice. We also take advantage of the economy of scale in China and lowered our cost base. In the end, our customers have quality products with competitive pricing.


Better Solutions: Our professional knowledge, experience and resources could work out better solutions for your individual needs;


We use our resources, knowledge and experience to provide tailored solutions to our customers. Our solutions include energy efficiency, bush fire, noise minimization, super clear glass for best view, western sun, and so on.

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